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Introduction to MRA's Leadership Matrix

MRA’s Leadership Matrix consists of several assessment tools that identify and scale four personality traits, factual judgement and empathy levels producing clear, concise reports in business language summarizing strengths and restraints as well as leadership actions to help each employee succeed.

Benefits when Hiring
  • ability to hire with predetermined ideal personality traits for each position
  • opportunity to select team members who are compatible
  • hiring decision will include an objective element with a proven history
  • reduced training period and costs
Benefits when Managing
  • improved communication
  • monitor and manage strengths and restraints
  • increased employee morale
  • improved productivity
  • maximize employee potential
MRA was founded in 1954 and with an average accuracy rating of 92% has been helping clients in succeeding with their businesses. Now, MRA and Bottom Line Consulting have created a Partnership to bring this proven human resource tool to you.

There are many other benefits when incorporating MRA's assessment tools into your Human Resource strategy. To find out more, feel free to contact Bottom Line Consulting or visit MRA’s website at www.mra-ent.com.

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